the institute of eternity

a department of

the galactic university

.... the science for a future organization ....

at the beginning

of eternity

there was nothing


what would have created any thing ?

there could only have been
an entirely empty space !

and then over an eternity
there in this totaly empty space

an entity starting
to develop himself

dreaming of light
in this total darkness

and over a further eternity
he started to make with his will
one eon after the other

out off nothing
just his will to wanting light

except for this complete emptiness
and because this universe
having no energy

you can create it the way
that there is no energy creation

because the whole being zero
a part of it negative energy
part of it positive energy

we are as well

assumeing that it is

that the present universe
being the end

of a long development
to this respective creation
keeping perfecting

all these cosmologists
astonished about

this very perfection

we are assumeing

that the creation of this universe
being the creation of a trillion x trillion

real trillions = 1 000 000 000 000 000 000

former free souls of a perfect biology
to create a perfect now creation

and should sometime
after the end of this universe
a new one will have to be created

then it will be trillions x trillions
of former free souls

who will be createing this new universe

and if it were not

for this planet satan here

then there would not

be a single problem
in this cosmos

since we do not want anything
only the fulfillment of all homo sapiens
guaranteeing in this universe

but this jealousnesses
about the success of all this success
creating only all this need for harming

all environment
any humanity

needing no real help
no secure future
no humanity

only impose their harm on all
to guarantee this end in horror

and would not

the galactic pest control
put an end to this satanic acting
then all sapiens this universe
would be

no longer safe
haveing to work themselfs up
to being her own end


like here on

our mind

being non biological
but communicating with any brain

thereby any part of biology
being only needed

to making biology function
to exist and move

any plant having a spirit
having the capability
to guarding


our mind being every where
the cosmic spirit being in existence
since the beginning of creation

this spirit having


and our existence being
for the fulfillment
of creation

being our own fulfillment

as well as any other biology
being useful

for the fulfillment of creation
becoming part of eternity

there while
any thing hindering
the fulfillment of creation
being eliminated

from eternity

the galactic foundation


even though

we are having all proof
that this universe having a vision
for its creation

we are here argumenting
without even any intrinsic vision
by this universe itself

that having an order
guaranteeing human fulfillment
is neccessary for a life to eternity

because if any democratic party
is saying they are doing

what will be creating jobs

then this will not
save any environment
any humanity

because then we will be having
only non human entities

being inspired by this stupidity

un able to even principly
inspireing any real human

but just some dodos
wanting darwinian success

the same will apply
for guaranteeing predatory rights
being nothing but destruction


not human
since any predatory animals
will only be eating away
all the nourishment
humans need

if they are not eating them

there while not bringing inspiration
to any intelligent being

the same will apply

for any artistic doings
since no one in his right mind
will care about

any thing not bringing reality
where humans will be inspired by

again only some dodos


what being neccessary
for an eternal life in principle ?

we need to ask any homo sapiens
being full of wisdom

what they think
 will bring humans fulfillment
till the end of eternity


we are hearing from those sapiens
that we need to ask what will bring
a solution for all

not what problems
any majority of a nation will want
for their vanity production

for their mass suicide

intelligent life needing positiveness

meaning solutions
meaning > meaning

meaning creating value

any thing making sense



so needing an


so now we can based on this

that any creation wanting
not only light during the day

but endless inspiration through
all this argumentation going on at night
in any intelligent being community

inspireing all of them
for the next day to eternity


to be saving humanity
is about to be bringing yourself alive

since without a humanity
you can not be living

just dying

sons and daughters

of sons and daughters

of sons and daughters

of sons and daughters

of sons and daughters

of perfectly animal
adapted chimpanzees
over million years

always only
guaranteeing their own survival
being never a human being
having human rights

never the global environment
never a climate

only the homo superesse
the survivors

those who have no wisdom
no legal ability

only the boasting


who is guaranteed to die out
as soon as the environment
being a survival
no longer

so as soon as the portuguese come
or as soon as the 2nd venus is here

with steaming seas
only rocks ... rubble
and sand

only high temperature bacteria
to be bragging about
we will

with the help of a democracy
the ability to survive
get going there
a leader

our survival politicians
to our madness
not to

because that being the only thing
what these are all going after
a bacterium successful

bragging around
we are the craziest
only of them grew up
having madness

no human
will have such
a strange idea come up with

no one will ever
be allowed any where
with so much madness

no human
can help those
lose their madness
since this is the only thing
what these all ...


no humanity

no environment

no real success

no eternal life

fata morganas

So the democracies will bring freedom to the people
so have the hope jesus christ will save us

So tolerance > freedom of expression and love would
So the right state > the completely wrong

who do not even have human rights
being enforceable > only fairy tale rights

would bring something else to the people
than that he abolishes himself for his end

something that a computer program
" world one " already did in 1973

predicted at MIT > that in 2020
will be the beginning of the end

and in 2040 nothing will exist anymore
only surviving barely
no more rights

no life at all

only a few million who abolishing themselves
like in the stone age > so have children
then die of all contamination
war and despair

we need to work out the reality !
and then act > so argue

so grasp the cosmic reality
so that only we save ourselves
or not ?

and no fata morgana fairy tales
like the democracies > churches >
all these tolerant opinions ...

now some one will say

that this being not true on planet dirt
and we will tell you

to start working on a humanity
or the galactic pest control

will have to come

the galactic foundation

and here the documentation
of our intelligent life

our cosmic community

and here being
all the science behind
for guarding our humanity
from all this insanity
on planet dirt

the galactic university

published by

galactic central information